creates e-mail and WLAN configuration wizard for Swisscom!

m2wlan and m2mailwizard were specifically customized for Swisscom…

The products m2wlan and m2mailwizard were compiled to a customer-specific self-service solution for Swisscom (Schweiz) AG. Swisscom’s customers can utilize the fully automated configuration software for WLAN and e-mail with a single click.

The recently developed Swisscom WLAN configuration software was extended with a new configuration wizard. The wizard was designed according to Swisscom’s specifications and provides improved WLAN configuration procedures as well as a fully automatic configuration of e-mail accounts. Swisscom’s customers can use the solution during the registration, or any time later via the self-service portal ( ).

m2wlan - the tool for fully automated wireless network configuration. Besides automatic set up of wireless network connections, m2wlan also takes care of user-specific WLAN credentials and even covers the configuration of the WLAN router, if necessary.

m2mailwizard - the assistant for fully automated e-mail configuration - enables Swisscom customers to configure e-mail accounts in their preferred e-mail client single-handedly.

With the new Swisscom configuration wizard users can perform their initial system configuration unassisted and without any difficulties. The wizard can also be used for troubleshooting or for performing another WLAN or e-mail configuration, if the WLAN data changes or if a new e-mail account should be added.

This solution underlines Swisscom’s self-service approach, providing customers with support in areas that had to be configured manually until now - completing the professional customer experience.

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