Scandinavian Tele2 customers introduced to products!

Tele2 and recently agreed to provide Tele2 customers in Sweden and Norway with variants of the successful products m2webalizer and m2selfrepair.

Tele2’s keen ambition to continuously improve user friendliness of their products together with’s experience in implementing internet- installation and diagnose software found a solid base to reach the goal of facilitating internet handling for both existing and new Tele2 customers. The holistic approach to offer installation-, diagnose and repair software at the same time aims to give Tele2 an edge over their competition - immediately after product launch and in the long run.

Tele2 Sweden and Norway will receive individual software packages tailored to their individual requirements and according to the current market situation. Solutions for both countries will include support of Dial-up, ADSL, VDSL and cable internet while support of Mobile Broadband will in this first step be launched solely for Sweden and its numerous mobile internet users.

Both internet installers will come in slim presentation including true-to-detail animations while in terms of technology the software will be state-of-the-art. A few mouse clicks will be sufficient to set up internet access for various access types and a broad list of different modems.

In the course of internet setup’s diagnose and repair solution may be installed, ultimately creating end-to-end service experience for Tele2 customers. Utilising m2selfrepair any user, technically proficient or inexpertly, will be able to solve problems with the internet connection automatically - regardless of access type or modem - within seconds. In case a user chooses to contact Tele2 support anyway, the proven concept of’s error code will facilitate all efforts to help the customer in the best way possible for Tele2’s customer service staff.

Integration of m2liveupdate and extended product support are the key factors to successfully keep the software actual for many years to come.