upc netstart - the new edition of m2webalizer for UPC Hungary

In 2009 UPC Hungary launches the promising internet installation software upc netstart. With this service product, based on the technology of mquadr.at’s m2webalizer, a successful internet setup becomes childsplay.

It does not make a difference whether ADSL- or cable access is configured - if desired upc netstart even takes over the setup of an optional wireless network configuration.

During internet setup the customer is asked to enter his user data. Everything beyond is largely done by upc netstart automatically. Correct wiring of hardware is demonstrated using realistic animations. Full support of Hungarian language is another criterion that qualifies the software as a powerful tool for inexperienced users.

And there is more! Besides dr.net, a program to help with problems regarding the internet connection created by UPC’s software developers, the installation package comes with the whole new m2startcenter. This small tool presented in a clearly laid out manor is a convenient platform to access the most common internet-uses. No matter whether the customer wants to surf the www, read mails or receive information on possible errors in case there is a problem, the neat m2startCenter in UPC design is his contact point number one.

The comprehensive HTML help completes the powerful internet installation package of UPC Hungary. upc netstart is a successful new edition of m2webalizer - Functionally state of the art and due to the Hungarian user interface in particular, a true speciality in the IT-world.