develops software for Telekom Austria's mobile broadband internet

m2connectionmanager has been implemented as a special Telekom Austria business solution

Launching the product “BusinessFlex” on December 31st 2008 Telekom Austria now also offers mobile broadband internet for business customers. “BusinessFlex” perfectly complements Telekom Austria’s business internet access, as from now on internet access is also available on the road.’s software (BusinessFlex) for this purpose is a user-friendly and innovative setup and administration software for the new mobile business internet from Telekom Austria.

The BusinessFlex solutions takes care of automatic setup, and provides for a simple and user-friendly way to use Telekom Austria’s mobile internet access. It offers the perfect entry into the world of mobile internet for business customers.

Integrated step by step instructions for connecting the mobile internet modem and a fully automatic BusinessFlex configuration make the first time setup a child’s play. Telekom Austria business customers can use the Telekom Austria Business Access anytime, in dependence on the available broadband access (fixed net, WLAN, mobile). The user is either stationary connected via network cable or WLAN, respectively, or uses the mobile business broadband internet access.

The BusinessFlex software not only offers setup and configuration of the mobile network access. After the installation on the customer’s system it provides a number of innovative dashboard features and allows for selecting the appropriate access technology. BusinessFlex allows for setting up the PIN request and the network selection, as well as for activating and de-activating roaming, and for modifying the user data. An integrated link bar provides direct access to e-mail, web sms, and web fax functionality. A feature for adding further computers to an existing WLAN completes the product.

For more information on this special BusinessFlex software, providing users with the highest comfort and the highest level of availability with their Telekom Austria business internet access, please take a look into our reference list.