develops a special wizard for repairing e-mail accounts

m2mailwizard and m2selfrepair have been customized to automatically find and repair errors in Swisscom e-mail addresses.

The E-mail Assistant has been developed by to automatically repair incorrect e-mail settings. It complements the existing Swisscom E-mail Setup Assistant for setting up new e-mail accounts. Swisscom customers can independently configure e-mail accounts in their familiar mail client and also repair incorrect account configuration, without needing to understand the technical details.

The assistant is easy to use and checks all relevant settings of the Swisscom e-mail accounts configured on the computer and repairs them automatically in case of an error. Default settings as well as user-specific data can be synchronised, i.e. incorrect user names and password can also be detected and repaired. This is particularly helpful, if local data and the access data stored on Swisscom’s server differ due to local changes by the user,

Using the Swisscom E-Mail Assistant customer can easily check all e-mail settings on their computer with relevance to their Swisscom e-mail accounts with just a few mouse clicks. If the accounts should be misconfigured, they are automatically repaired. If no e-mail accounts are configured on the computer, a link guides users towards the E-Mail Configurator, which takes care of setting up accounts.

Swisscom customers can use this 4-lingual solution anytime via the Self-Service Portal ( ) to repair their e-mail accounts without the need for help from others.

With this solution Swisscom sets a new standard in customer service and extends its self-service offering to an important area for its customers’ digital life.

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