creates a new "Quick Help 3.0" for Swisscom AG Switzerland

m2selfrepair including RIS (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair) is currently adjusted to a comprehensive remote-support solution for Swiss Internet Service provider Swisscom. This tool fixes the most common Internet, Wi-Fi and e-mail problems automatically and will be available to Swisscom customers this November.

As a result of a successful cooperation with Swisscom, has been commissioned to create this new support solution, which will replace the existing solution by the end of this year.

In addition to already existing diagnose- and repair solutions Quick Help 3.0 is equipped with additive features especially’s unique R.I.S. technology.

Aim of this project is to provide the end user with a lean but powerful client software product. It will detect incorrect settings which might affect Internet access (including Wi-Fi and e-mail) automatically and proactively fixes them at the same time. Costumers will have a permanently working internet access with minimal interaction. In case of failure it is therefore not any more necessary to contact a Help Center.
But not only faulty Internet connection settings will be detected, incorrect e-mail and Wi-Fi settings will be repaired automatically as well. Users also have the opportunity to connect directly via Netwiewer session to a Swisscom call center and/or get a status report about the system as well as access to useful links.

The result of the integrated diagnosis has been developed to the extent, so faults will be identified clearly and presented in an easily understood description. With this information, the customer knows that there really is a faulty section on his system and may - if auto-repair cannot be performed or the customer does not want to - solve the problem in conversation with an Swisscom Help Desk employee without a time consuming search for errors.

This new Quick Help software is equipped with a built-in LiveUpdate feature. m2liveupdate migrates all existing Quick Help customers to new solutions. This means already existing Quick Help customers benefit from all further developed self-care solutions.

Included as well is m2reporting which provides reliable data on software usage i.e.:

With this anonymous data Swisscom will be able to react more precisely to the real needs of their customers.

Detailed information about Quick Help 3.0 the new Swisscom selfrepair solution will be available in our reference list soon.