sponsors "UK Internet Industry Awards 2010"

In 1999 ISPA UK (Internet Services Providers’ Association United Kingdom) awarded the first national ISPAs to the best enterprises in the country. Since that year the Internet Industry Awards have been presented every year to the best performing companies in IT in order to boost innovation and to recognise well established businesses. This year, this sought after award will be presented on July 8, and is privileged to award the prize for “Best Consumer Customer Service” to the company that has most excelled in online and help desk support.

In the design and usability of their products, focuses on ease of use and intuitive handling - a trend that is catching on with ISPs all over Europe. As a result, the ISPA awards enable to promote the effective use of software applications within the residential consumer base and to show that efficient customer support pays off. products demonstrate that excellent customer service and support does not start at the call centre, but that the call centre is becoming more and more redundant. This can be achieved by either preventing errors all together or by providing automated help and repair wizards if faults do occur. Within all their software applications, has systematically implemented such processes - clearly-arranged user interfaces do not require any technical know how on the users’ behalf and even novice consumers are able to solve problems successfully with a minimum of effort. Either way, users can not go wrong ? all the tools are laid out in such a way that they lead users to the desired destination and offer additional functionality for more proficient consumers. In this respect m2selfrepair with its R.I.S.® (Realtime.Intelligent.Selfrepair.) module is a highlight of error prevention, which recognises faulty settings automatically and corrects them before users even realise that a problem has occurred.

Along with these preventative measures our product range includes support tools that can be started on demand - including automated support wizards showing animated instructions (e.g. demonstrating correct cabling) and extensive manuals to enable consumers to manually solve problems in no time. Users are thus spared long and often frustrating phone calls to the hotline - customer satisfaction can be raised dramatically while drastically reducing help-desk expenses.

A win-win situation for consumers and internet service providers, is blazing a trail toward the future - with innovative solutions that add a new dimension to the customer’s experience.