presents the "ISPA" for "Best Consumer Service"

London, 09/07/2010 - yesterday the “ISPA UK Internet Awards 2010” were given out in front of numerous special guests, as well as almost the entire British Internet industry. There are now awards in 10 different categories for firms, which provide products and solutions that are as highly innovative as they are customer orientated. This year’s winners include well-known British providers such as Be Broadband, Childnet, Claranet, Cybermoor, Freedom 4WIFI, Gradwell, Namesco, NewNet and Orange.

The award for “Best Consumer Customer Service, sponsored by” was specially important, and was claimed by Plusnet ( ) amongst stiff competition from six other finalists. The jury was impressed by, “the efficiency of Plusnet’s reactions to both inquiries and complaints,” especially in relation to the flexibility of customer communication itself. The award was presented by sales manager Karin Klitsch, who emphasised that sponsorship of this special category “expresses how fundamental it is that products focus on relieving end-users from the chores of setup and configuration.”

In this field has always been a trendsetter. The products of this Austrian IT manufacturer are exemplary in their customer-friendliness and simple usability, making them trailblazers for greater customer orientation in the internet sector - which is after all a trend that is becoming ever more noticeable across the whole industry.

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