develops innovative e-mail assistant for cablecom

Customers of cablecom, the largest Swiss cable network operator have a new reason to be happy. The service section of the company website will soon provide a new e-mail assistant which will make it really simple for customers to set up e-mail addresses. The cablecom e-mail assistant has been developed by, the leading European provider of Internet installation and configuration solutions.

As with all products, speed, stability and simplicity of use were high priorities in the development of this e-mail assistant. The e-mail assistant was designed to be as automated as possible - only the customer data still needs to be entered manually. This service is compatible with all current Windows® operating systems and also Mac OS X.

The assistant starts automatically on download and takes the customer through the configuration process in simple steps, and in four languages (German, French, Italian and English). The customer first uses a dropdown menu to choose an e-mail domain specific to cablecom. The e-mail assistant then sets up one or more e-mail addresses, as soon as the customer data has been checked. The program that deletes unsuccessful setups, if desired also from the customer’s system, does not even have to be installed.

This lean application does not require any customer expertise, and will make a substantial contribution to the reduction of support questions relating to e-mail accounts.

“The e-mail assistant developed for cablecom by will make setting up e-mail addresses much easier for our customers. Configuration is simple and convenient throughout. Our customers download the application and just have to input their details. Everything else is automatic. And thanks to the product’s flexible structure, we can provide the e-mail assistant to Mac users as well as to our customers with Windows systems. And we will also be the first Swiss provider to do this”, Antonio Patruno (product manager for Internet and consumer marketing at cablecom).