First collaboration between and Deutsche Telekom AG

The Austrian software manufacturer,, has developed a new configuration and software assistant for Deutsche Telekom AG, which makes setting up Internet access and email addresses much easier for new customers and people who change tariffs. The “Schnellstart-DVD” focuses on the configuration of routers and WLAN, and the setting up of the email address.

In addition, customers also receive the option of installing numerous useful software products, which don’t just help them to optimise their Internet connections, but also offer them practical additional services such as organising media, photo services and online banking. Customers can also redeem vouchers and take advantage of free services via their own navigation hub. An extensive security package, which can be ordered from the “Schnellstart-DVD”, rounds out the package.
A well organised user interface gives quick access to all the options and services. The set up assistant included gives the user support, and videos take them step by step through the process.

“We are very pleased with our first joint project and we are sure that Deutsche Telekom AG customers will get a lot out of the innovation, user friendliness and stability that products are famous for.” Markus Pöhl, managing director of

The “Schnellstart-DVD” will be delivered to customers from January 2011.