m2acs: joined-up communication between client and server

With the m2acs, mquadr.at is taking another innovative step forward. For the first time it is now possible to achieve the uninterrupted circulation of data between client PC, modem/router and the operator’s and ISP’s server platforms, which will enable joined-up communication across the whole network.

m2am2acs is a software stack based on the TR-069 standard defined by the Broadband World Forum, which is modular and can be combined with all mquadr.at client software (e.g. the easy internet setup software m2webalizer and the intelligent diagnoses and repair software m2selfrepair ) as well as, on the provider side, with any Auto Configuration Server (ACS). This results in a complete system that offers significant advantages, including:

configuration and device management


value added services

additional reporting options

In summary, m2acs creates the basis for a homogeneous network, which integrates customers far better than current systems and provides solutions for all the inherent drawbacks of both pure client and pure server technologies.
m2acs is compatible with all types of ACS/HDM and is available right now.

More details about m2acs here.