Large Dutch project for - the launch of the KPN Installatie Assistent has entered a new market, developing the KPN Installatie Assistent, based on the m2webalizer , for the Dutch market leader KPN. This will in the near future allow Dutch Internet users to take advantage of the user-friendliness and stability of products too.

The dual language (Dutch and English) installer makes possible extensive automation of configuration and setup of Internet access by customers. The modem/wireless router is recognised automatically, and the configuration is adjusted to the customer’s operating system. During optional setup of WLAN and Ethernet, the customer can add numerous computers (PCs and/or laptops) to their home network.
The self-service principle based client software will help relieve pressure on KPN’s own customer support, and set new standards for customer-friendliness in Internet products.

The current version of the KPN Installatie Assistent is optimised for the following devices:

Further versions for additional devices (i.e. Arcadyan ARV 7519) are already scheduled.

The provider’s goal is to provide the customer with a comprehensive service which will insure continuing service beyond the setting up of the Internet connection.