m2wlan: simple configuration and maximum security for Windows & Mac OSX

Ever more Austrian internet users are also using wireless networks (WLANs) at home, to avoid ‘cable spaghetti’ and allow them to move about freely while surfing and e-mailing.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy – notably for inexperienced users – to configure WLAN, especially in relation to security

The solution: m2wlan for Windows® and Mac OS X.

The software is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS X, and already in use for well-known providers. It leads the user through the configuration process in easy steps using self-explanatory interfaces. That makes it easy for internet users to configure their home WLAN to the latest security standards and without any special knowledge.

The process consists of the following steps:

The WLAN-Assistent can of course also carry out configuration in WLAN/WLAN mode, i.e. when the customer is connected to their modem via WLAN, the modem is automatically detected and reconfigured. Then the new connection with the revised settings is immediately established.
The WLAN-Assistent does all this automatically and in the background – this makes the, often complicated, configuration of modems via their management interfaces and LAN cables a thing of the past.

Being a stand-alone module, m2wlan can be combined with all mquadr.at applications.