High-speed internet made easy: The new A1 Telekom Austria 'Controller'

In cooperation with A1 Telekom Austria, mquadr.at has improved the tried-and-tested internet and e-mail assistant ‘Controller’ and extended it to provide a full support centre including a diagnosis and self-repair function.

In addition to the unproblematic setup and configuration of high-speed internet access and e-mail services, the user will now receive additional support for all errors/problems that may occur in the context of the installed internet services (internet connection, browser, e-mail, etc.).

At the centre of the development project is the integration of the R.I.S.® module, one of the most significant components of the diagnostic and self-repair software m2selfrepair –according to the specifications and requirements of A1 Telekom Austria. Using R.I.S.®, common errors/problems (such as incorrect e-mail settings or wrongly set network card settings) are quickly identified and automatically resolved at the touch of a button. At present, this function covers more than 200 typical errors, the correction of which does not require the user to have any technical knowledge.
Furthermore, the user can also manually perform complete system checks for all installed internet services using another built-in function, the diagnostic module D.O.D. ® (Diagnosis On Demand). The user then immediately receives suggestions on how to resolve the identified errors/problems. In addition, a built-in, context-sensitive help function can be called up at any point in the application.

The ‘Controller’ has an intuitive user interface with a display that is now more ‘streamlined’ and transparent than the previous version. This display guarantees immediate access to all the important functions. The ‘Controller’ is optimised for all Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and, for reasons of security, is automatically entered in the Microsoft® Windows® Firewall.

The software is ready for download from A1 Telekom Austria’s service area: www.telekom.at