becomes a member of the Broadband Forum

From now on, is ‘officially’ among the companies shaping the future of broadband internet: as a member of the renowned Broadband Forum ( ), the Viennese software manufacturer will significantly – and on an international level – contribute to the development of new broadband standards that are suitable for the mass market.

The Broadband Forum is an international organisation of operators, internet service providers and hardware/software manufacturers alike. As an interest group of companies engaged in the broadband internet business area, it defines – among other things – standards for network protocols and DSL specifications. These are considered to be mandatory worldwide, thus providing the basis for access and network solutions for end customers and operators.

Also, guidelines set forth by the BBF are important for the development of convergent network products and solutions – for instance, with regard to the integration of the consumer into the operator’s network. In this, assumes a leading role with its software module m2acs, based on the TR-069 and TR-064 standards as defined by the Broadband Forum.

Once installed on the client system, m2acs establishes a standardised communication / data exchange between the consumer PC and the provider’s ACS (auto configuration server). Thus, it facilitates centrally triggered network processes (such as updates, settings changes, support information, etc.) considerably. At the moment, m2acs is the only market-ready client solution on a TR-069/TR-064 basis.

Innovations such as these are crucial for optimal user experience and stable broadband networks with a high degree of interoperability. They contribute to develop the full potential of broadband– which is exactly the mission of the Broadband Forum.

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