International recognition for first-class product at broadband forum in Paris

m2suite, the new user desktop, has drawn worldwide attention to the company of and its services.

Once more, the Austrian software company stressed its technological leadership in the Internet client software sector. At the Broadband World Forum 2011, one of the most significant fairs on broadband internet, introduced its latest ‘all in one’ solution, m2suite.

Made in Austria, the revolutionary application software for internet broadband connections impressed by linking tablet pc and smartphone technology and including a new metro design. Thus, end users can henceforth enjoy their favourite smartphone features right on their computers.

essential everyday suite

Now, it is up to the ISP to offer their consumers a freely customisable everyday suite which comes in so handy that it will soon become vital for the user.

What is it that is so special about m2suite? This innovative desktop solution covers all internet software areas right on consumer level, starting from scratch with the very first installation, and extending to access management, configuration and to the flawless operation of all online services, such as Internet, e-mail, or home network management. And there is more to it: m2suite is also able to embed additional services and or applications, such as social media or third party applications.

Not stopping at operating systems, m2suite supports both Windows® and Mac, as well as all common e-mail clients and any hardware available on the market.

advantages for consumers and ISPs

However, m2suite not only offers many advantages for consumers, it also does for providers. Seamlessly integrate existing ISP-specific services and applications, as well as portal services or other content. So just sit back to enjoy cut cost in distribution and on the customer service sector.

Numerous representatives of major telecommunication companies from all over Europe visited the booth and were thrilled by m2suite.

By providing their customers with such an innovative solution already at this early time, ISPs enjoy a significant competitive advantage, so the basic tone of the visiting experts.