'KPN Assistant': diagnosis and auto-repair, based on m2selfrepair

The ‘KPN Assistant’, designed by mquadr.at for the largest Dutch telecom provider, is a user-friendly repair software, based on mquadr.at’s diagnosis and auto-repair routine m2selfrepair.

The software uses both main modules of m2selfrepair:

The application offers three main functions:

The diagnosis function monitors all internet-relevant settings and parameters related to errors or problems that can be corrected immediately on user prompt.
The internet and e-mail assistant includes several functionalities such as built-in Wi-Fi configuration, e-mail account setup and a function to completely recover the internet connection. In addition, the modem can be reset directly from the application’s user interface. The internet and e-mail assistant also features a comprehensive status report with relevant information on operating systems, installed drivers and programs, network adapters, etc.

The ‘KPN Services’ section allows users to directly access all provider-specific services such as the customer centre, ‘My KPN’ or the online account. It also contains a password-safe area where all important user data like Wi-Fi or e-mail data can be stored safely. The password-safe area can be accessed via the ‘My KPN’ login and comes in handy when switching computers.
Users are also supported by means of an integrated, context-sensitive HTML help which can be accessed from anywhere within the application.

Like all products of the mquadr.at range, the ‘KPN Assistant’ stands out by its exemplary user-friendliness and its high automation. Thus, this software is bound to take a lot of workload from KPN’s customer support and to considerably increase customer satisfaction/QoE.