Launch of the new 'KPN Installation Assistant (Arcadyan Edition)'

For the Dutch market leader KPN, has designed a new version of the Installation Assistant supporting all customers equipped with the Arcadyan ARV 7519 DSL modem (‘KPN Experia Box’) in setting up and configuring their broadband connection. Due to its high automation, the software makes internet setup very easy – particularly for inexperienced users.

The application covers all configuration processes for hardware on the one hand, such as the DSL modem configuration including wiring instructions or WLAN adapters, and software on the other hand, like browsers or e-mail clients. Wi-Fi connections can also be configured automatically, including best channel selection.

A special feature is the so-called “2nd PC flow” allowing the user to smoothly add computers to an existing Wi-Fi network. This can either be done automatically or by means of a configuration file that has been created during the first Wi-Fi setup and then stored in encrypted form on the customer’s PC. To add a computer to an existing network, the user simply copies the file to the new computer and imports it from the application. Also included is a comprehensive status report with relevant information on operating system, installed programs and drivers as well as on any internet hardware currently in use, such as network adapters, etc. In the event of uncertainties, the user has access to context-sensitive help files from any point of the application and at each step of the configuration.

With the KPN Installation Assistant, the customers of the largest Dutch telecom operator are provided with a user-friendly, comprehensive setup software bound to considerably increase product experience and take workload from customer support at the same time.