WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) exposed as insecure - mquadr.at provides a secure and comfortable solution

Users value fast and easy setup of wireless networks. Wi-Fi Protected Setup seemed to offer just the perfect solution, allowing the hassle free configuration of a WPA2 secured network. Even though WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) uses sophisticated encryption, WPS itself is a major security risk.

In Dec 2011 knowledge about a security flaw surfaced that enables remote brute-force attacks to recover both the WPS PIN (Personal Identification Number) and WLAN password (Pre-Shared Key).
It is advisable to disable the WPS functionality altogether in order to eliminate the associated security risk.

But what about the fast and comfortable WLAN setup, so valued by users?

Internet software products by mquadr.at include a module dealing with wireless networks for quick and secure WLAN configuration. The module supports the following functions:

Our software checks all WLAN related modem settings and makes recommendations based on those settings. The WLAN assistant clearly shows which settings or entries are to be considered secure and which not. This is especially helpful when end users need to enter their own settings. After successful hardware configuration users can print out the wireless settings or save them in an encrypted file (PSK file). This information can be used for the configuration of additional devices.


See the example screen shot of the KPN Installation Assistant , a customised version of m2webalizer – the do-it-yourself Internet installation and modem configuration software .

ISPs and large enterprises can ensure fast, secure and comfortable WLAN setup for their users, when using Internet software products by mquadr.at. We also provide ISPs with a standalone version of our easy-to-use wireless network setup software. Here is an example: Swisscom WLAN Assistant

Please contact us for more information about our products and mquadr.at.

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