Enterprise Solutions – reducing Internet-related and support costs

Large enterprises are entities unto themselves. Nothing compares. They have a workforce that could populate towns or even small cities and they have the huge IT infrastructure that comes with it. And we all know that Internet connectivity is one of the cornerstones of business in the age of global communications.

This is where mquadr.at comes in. We specialise in Internet connectivity for client machines. We have more than 10 years of experience with well-known ISPs. We make going online and staying online as easy as it gets.

Our Internet software solutions are ideal for enterprises of various sizes due to their scalability and flexibility. Gain independence from mobile operators though the use of m2connectionmanager and select from competitive offers for mobile Internet services. Keep employees online at all times by using m2selfrepair.

Our Enterprise Solutions will help you:

m2connectionmanager – flexible & mobile multi-connection manager

Equipping all your travelling representatives with Internet access can be difficult. m2connectionmanager lessens the burden by supporting all access technologies and all operators. Switching from WLAN in the hotel to mobile Internet in the waiting room becomes a trivial task.

Find out more about the features of m2connectionmanager

m2webalizer – Internet installation and modem configuration software

m2webalizer makes setting up of Internet connections easy and comfortable. Your enterprise provides its employees with Internet access and Virtual Private Networks for home office tasks? Our do-it-yourself Internet software will automatically a) set up the Internet connection, b) configure the modem, c) establish a wireless network meeting the highest security standards, and d) set up a VPN.

More information on m2webalizer, our DIY Internet setup software

m2selfrepair – automatic diagnosis and self-repair software for Internet connections

m2selfrepair is a diagnosis and repair software that identifies and corrects errors related to the Internet in real time. It notifies users of errors the moment they arise, and automatically repairs more than 250 different errors. Altered & faulty settings, broken Internet connections, and badly configured email accounts will no longer limit employer performance.

Its main aim: reducing Internet related support costs and down times. Users stay online at all times.

More information on m2selfrepair, the Internet self-care and repair software