secures two new enterprise accounts has recently launched its enterprise solutions, in addition to custom Internet software for ISPs. This way we have diversified our product portfolio, and we are proud to say that we have already secured two major contracts for this new product line.

Our enterprise solutions help large companies and enterprises to save money. They all reduce calls to technical support and support tickets; they all are fully branded and customised to fit the Corporate Design and needs of a company.

One of the new major accounts will use m2connectionmanager within its enterprise to enable its employees to use mobile Internet from different suppliers. This will enable the company to greatly reduce mobile data and roaming costs. m2connectionmanager makes enterprises 100% operator independent by offering support for all devices (USB dongles, embedded devices) and all SIMs. Independence of hardware manufacturers and operators allows the use of local SIMs, which leads to a significant reduction of roaming costs. Wi-Fi offloading, VPN client support and traffic management features round out m2connectionmanager in its enterprise edition.

The second new account has contracted to create a product based on m2selfrepair. This m2selfrepair solution will help a large enterprise to reduce calls and tickets to its support desk. Due to the capabilities of m2selfrepair employees stay online at all times. Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair® (R.I.S.®) diagnoses and repairs errors in real time, generally even before users notice that something is wrong. The enterprise will significantly reduce support costs for its network services, due to less downtimes and less calls to technical support.

More information on our products:

» m2selfrepair, smart repair & diagnosis software for all Internet-related settings

» m2connectionmanager, the intelligent and easy to use mobile connection manager for all access technologies