TR-064 DSL Modem Testing Tool for a major European ISP

We have recently finished something new. There is no comparable software available.

A few weeks ago, we have sent out the first release of our TR-064 standard LAN-side DSL CPE Testing Tool (or in short: TR-064 Testing Tool) to a large telecommunications company.

It is a tool for testing the implementation of the TR-064 specifications (as defined by the » Broadband Forum ) on the LAN-side of DSL CPEs. In addition, the TR-064 DSL CPE Testing Tool is capable of testing additional actions/commands that are not part of TR-064, but have been included by the hardware vendor.

The tool has been adapted to include pre-defined profiles of modems currently in operation with our customer to make acceptance testing of modems easier and more efficient. has experience adapting software conforming to TR-064 and TR-069 into Auto Configuration Server (ACS) systems. Our TR-064 testing tool ensures that CPEs are fully compatible with TR-064 and m2acs. m2acs allows the full integration of a consumer PC into a provider’s network. » Read more about m2acs here!

About the TR-064 testing tool

This TR-064 LAN-side DSL CPE Testing Tool enables Internet Service Providers and hardware vendors to quickly test CPEs for the correct implementation of TR-064 and additional commands.

The testing tool facilitates User Acceptance Testing of DSL modems, routers, and all other TR-064 compliant device. The possibility to include customised checks – in addition to TR-064 checks – ensures that custom features of DSL CPEs as agreed in user requirements specifications can be tested as well. Hardware vendors have the option to integrate the TR-064 LAN-side DSL CPE Testing Tool into their testing processes.

The TR-064 Testing Tool by significantly cuts down on testing time and improves the quality of test results. The tool is fully developed and can easily and quickly be adapted to the need of any hardware vendor or ISP.

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