's sales team on the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian road show next week (June 24 – 28) will take our sales team to Muscat (Oman), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) as well as to Manama (Bahrain). Our potential customers are interested in our self-care solutions that are in successful operation with more than 30 ISPs in Europe. Our » do it yourself Internet set-up software m2webalizer and our » fully-automatic diagnosis and repair software for Internet and email m2selfrepair are our flagship products. Additionally we will introduce interested parties to our » flexible connection management software and our » reporting systems .

Well versed in the languages dominant in the Arabian world and presenting superior Internet software products our sales team is well equipped for interesting and fruitful workshops and discussions.

We will have meetings with representatives of large telecommunications companies and even though we cannot give you any details yet, you can follow us on » Google+ to stay informed. Next week we will show pictures and updates about the trip on Google+ – in addition to posting about new technologies, interesting products, and some fun thrown in for good measure.

If you are interested in » a meeting with us somewhere in or around the Arabian Peninsula, we will gladly adjust our flight plans and showcase some of our persuasive presentations and realistically calculated and convincing business cases.