RAIFFEISEN INFORMATIK Connection Manager — a product of mquadr.at

Austria’s largest IT provider, RAIFFEISEN INFORMATIK, has opted for an enterprise mobility solution by mquadr.at. In 2011, Raiffeisen Informatik Group generated with about 2,800 employees a turnover of around 1.4 billion Euros and has over 100 locations in 29 countries worldwide.


On behalf of Raiffeisen Informatik we adapted our highly developed and technically versatile connection management software (m2connectionmanager) to the company’s needs, including branding, features, profiles, data volume control, multi device support and customised standard settings. Our connection management software m2connectionmanager (enterprise edition) was developed in house by mquadr.at and complies with the standards of security and quality that make Raiffeisen Informatik the leading IT provider in Austria.

After excellent cooperation the RAIFFEISEN INFORMATIK Connection Manager was customised and ready within a short amount of time – due to the state of the art software modules by mquadr.at. Precise communication and capability planning on both sides guaranteed fast project completion, and mquadr.at’s technical know-how of “Internet Connectivity” ensured the highest standards of quality and flexibility in connection set-up.

Enterprise Mobility – mobile Internet for enterprises

m2connectionmanager (enterprise edition) provides secure, reliable and fast connection management for your mobile work force – for all connection technologies, in every country. Especially three terms aptly describe the advantages of mquadr.at’s connection manager:

Cost reduction – Independence – Security

Compatibility with all providers and almost all modems for mobile Internet significantly reduces costs for support and roaming. Independence from ISPs and hardware providers strengthens bargaining power and reduces costs for mobile connectivity. Integrated VPN client compatibility provides secure access to company networks.

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