Swisscom Quick Help now also available for apple users

The successful self-care software Swisscom Quick Help is now available for all Swisscom customers using Mac OS X1.

Due to the great success of Swisscom Quick Help for Windows®, Swisscom – a long standing customer of – has decided to offer a version for the apple users among its customers. has been entrusted to customise its » self-care solution m2selfrepair for Mac and adapt it to the requirements of Swisscom.

Swisscom Quick Help is a fully automatic support software operating on consumer PCs, based on the intelligent diagnosis and repair software m2selfrepair. The comprehensive solution repairs Internet-related errors and conveys a sense of security to the customers.

The software keeps end users online and automatically corrects their Internet, wireless and email settings if problems arise. It is important to note that even customers without any technical knowledge will fully benefit.

Swisscom Quick Help on the web portal of Swisscom:

Swisscom Quick Help for Mac OS X

The self-care software features the same “look and feel” as the Windows® version that acted as its model. Faulty settings and errors related to the Internet are automatically identified and proactively fixed.

The automatic diagnosis and repair covers the following areas:

As a customised version of » m2selfrepair , Swisscom Quick Help consists of two main components:

Once a problem is identified, the faulty settings are instantly repaired. If automatic repair is impossible (for example due to wrong cabling), » animated visualisations (m2animate) offer guidance for manual repair by the customers themselves. The self-care software runs on the customer’s computer, independent from external (online) databases, servers or customer support.

The software includes an assistant for the initialisation and customer-specific configuration of Swisscom Quick Help with the customer’s user credentials (Swisscom Login) as well as a comprehensive status report showing the results of hardware and software analysis. Of course, Swisscom Quick Help for Mac supports all four languages used by Swisscom on its web portal: German, French, Italian, and English. This multi-language support is available for both the application and the context sensitive help files.

Swisscom Quick Help features an integrated and fully automatic » update function (m2liveupdate) , making it possible to pass on all innovations, adjustments and new features to all end users at all times. The comprehensive » reporting function (m2reporting) offers Swisscom detailed and anonymous data on software use and customer PCs. A secure web portal presents all data in tables and diagrams.

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Product description: » m2selfrepair, the intelligent diagnosis and repair software

1 Note: About 17% of Swiss Internet users employ Mac products. Source: