upc cablecom assistant – fast and comfortable installation of Internet, digital TV and telephony

upc cablecom, the largest cable network provider of Switzerland, supports its customers in the installation and configuration of Internet, digital TV and telephony in all combinations – with precise animated cabling visualisations, video tutorials and automatic hardware installation in a single software application. This application is an adaptation of m2webalizer, the do-it-yourself Internet installation software. The upc cablecom assistant is available for both Microsoft Windows® and Mac OS X.

One DVD for all new customers – self-installation of all products

upc cablecom has decided to opt for a solution by mquadr.at to support all new customers in the installation of all products. No matter what product needs to be configured: after insertion of the DVD into the drive, the upc cablecom assistant guides the end user through the installation and configuration of all the products and hardware – fast and comfortably. Additionally, the installation DVD provides useful extra software, written help guides, additional services and the option to automatically connect further computers over Wi-Fi. In addition, the customer may choose any of the four languages supported by upc cablecom (German, French, Italian, English) at any time.

“Triple Play”

The application offers full support of so-called “Triple Play”, the combination of Internet, digital TV and telephony. The upc cablecom assistant as a single application covers the configuration of any product and any combination of products and hardware. Due to the clearly arranged pre-selection and automatic detection of connected hardware, only relevant cabling guidance is shown to the end user. Detailed guides and animations are available for set-top boxes as well.

Video tutorials – for Internet, digital TV and telephony

The upc cablecom assistant contains more than 250 different animations in order to account for any possible combination. The animated cabling instructions are dynamically compiled, based on the following factors:

All animations have been designed for easy web implementation (for example on a support website).