wins large contract with a major international telecommunications company

We strive for comprehensive self-service Internet software solutions of the highest quality. Our dedication to state of the art software that covers every aspect of self-care on consumer PCs has been rewarded once more. has been contracted by a major international telecommunications company. The number of customers relying on is growing constantly (» our references).

We have already started working on new projects related to our new large contract. Multiple development teams have been assigned and next year will deliver its high-quality software for Internet connectivity – and that’s when we will be able to announce more.

We are convinced that our reputation as a company that is able to do both, deliver high quality products as well as cover all aspects of Internet self-care software for consumer PCs, has helped us secure this contract.

In this regard we are truly unique. is the only company that is capable of providing ISPs (wire/fibre) and mobile network operators with comprehensive state of the art Internet self-service software for consumer PCs covering everything.

Connection management, automatic real-time diagnostics and repair, bandwidth optimisation, app-based remote modem control, extension of tier 0 support to consumer PCs, modern CX driven User Interfaces for Internet software suites, Wi-Fi set-up, hosted exchange account configuration, do-it-yourself Internet installation ...

» It’s all part of our portfolio.