Looking back: Broadband World Forum 2012 – New video of our live presentation!

International and overseas contacts, intensified partnership with ACS vendor Netmania IT, recognition for unique customer support solutions – this is what BBWF 2012 brought us.

Video of our presentation

“How to Achieve 360° Customer Support” was the title of our live speaker presentation in Amsterdam. In times when margins are very low for telcos, the proposition to reduce customer care costs and at the same time boost the customer experience was spot on and well received. We explained the concept of ”self-service software for consumer PCs” – the extension of tier 0 support to client machines – to a new audience. It generated interest in our products and is now available online.

In this presentation we outline how ISPs can improve Customer Experience and reduce Customer Support costs by utilising self-service software for consumer PCs and by extending Tier 0 Support to the customer PCs. We have included multiple examples of our case studies for A1 Telekom Austria, Swisscom and KPN.

Interested in the Q&A session that took place after our presentation? » Here we talk about tier 0 support, the future of self-care software and case studies .

Contacts and partnerships

This year we established many new contacts with international and overseas ISPs from Europe, Asia, North America and South America. What we found interesting: telcos around the globe are trying to find new ways to improve the customer experience, and even more importantly: More and more ISPs are aware of the unique solutions mquadr.at offers. Self-service software for consumer PCs is definitely an option many ISPs are looking into in order to reduce customer support costs.

We are glad how well our partnership with Netmania IT has turned out. We organized meetings and social gatherings and generated good leads that are interested in our jointly developed 360 degree customer care solution. Thank you very much, Netmania IT, for the high level of cooperation, professionalism and hospitality!

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Next big event: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 25 – 28 February 2013

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the most important venue for the mobile industry and we will be attending. Contact us in advance for meetings in Barcelona. We will keep you updated via our website, Google+ and Twitter.

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