Swisscom WLAN Optimizer – automatic selection of the optimal Wi-Fi channel for a fast Internet connection

The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer is an easy to use software tool that chooses the best Wi-Fi channel for fast Internet surfing, changing the configurations of customer CPEs automatically. The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer was developed by based on sophisticated and market-proven components.

Thus, Swisscom offers perfect support for problems with Wi-Fi channels, and the Swisscom WLAN Optimizer reduces the number of calls to customer support.

The selection of the right channel

„There’s some kind of trouble with my Wi-Fi connection! Can you help me?“ Support staff faces questions like that every day. Wi-Fi channel configuration is very important, but all too often not attended to. If the channel isn’t configured well, connection quality – and therefore, of course, customer experience – will suffer.

In Europe, 13 channels are available for wireless networks. Transmission requires more than one channel, as neighbouring channels are also utilised. When several Wi-Fi networks are active in the surroundings, interference problems cumulate. As we see increased use of Wi-Fi networks, the problem of overlapping channels occurs more frequently. Consumers use laptops and tablets with wireless network connections more and more. Some home networks are even entirely based on Wi-Fi. Interferences reduce reliability and available bandwidth drastically, leading quickly to dissatisfaction.

The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer solves the problem in three steps:

  1. Automatic analysis of all Wi-Fi networks in the surroundings
  2. Automatic calculation of the optimal channel
  3. Automatic channel selection by direct access to the customer CPE


The analysis covers all Wi-Fi networks (active wireless networks), all channels in use, as well as signal strength. The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer evaluates the results and determines the optimal channel for a reliable and fast wireless connection. A graphical display of channels and signal strength is available for interested customers. Subsequently, the Swisscom WLAN Optimizer automatically selects the optimal channel.