Horizon Assistant by mquadr.at assists with the configuration of the cutting-edge Horizon HD Recorder by upc cablecom

Customers of the leading provider of cable-based services in Switzerland receive a unique set-top-box solution – combining modem, Digital TV box with streaming-services, HD recorder and router into a single product: the Horizon HD Recorder.


Customers receive a quick and easy to use guide for the configuration process: the Horizon Assistant by mquadr.at. The Horizon Assistant is based upon the » acclaimed Internet-setup software m2webalizer and redesigned with a brand-new customized user interface. upc cablecom guarantees a perfect customer experience deploying the Horizon Assistant, getting the most out of an exceptional product. The Horizon Assistant is available for Windows © and Mac OS X.

In order to provide further assistance, the entire configuration process – including all instructional videos – is viewable on the web and can be accessed easily from smartphones and tablets.

» Horizon Assistant on the upc cablecom website

Horizon Assistant for upc cablecom

The Horizon Assistant serves an important function: to perfectly assist new customers of upc cablecom, who decided for the Horizon HD Recorder, in the process of setting up and configuring their Horizon HD Recorder, installing Digital TV, Internet access and telephony. All of that is an integral part of the self-install package. Horizon Assistant will be provided on a separate DVD included in the packaging of the Horizon HD Recorder. The Horizon Assistant is tailored carefully to perfectly fit Horizon’s branding standards and look & feel. New customers can easily set up all included services (Internet, Digital TV, telephony): Once the DVD is inserted, the Horizon Assistant guides customers quickly and comfortably through the process of installing all provided services as well as configuring the selected browser and email client. Furthermore the Horizon Assistant is shipped with a variety of useful tools and written manuals. The Horizon Assistant also fully supports all four languages currently in use by upc cablecom (German, French, Italian and English) – customers may switch between these languages at any given time.

All instructional videos are also available online

All » animated video instructions explaining the setup and installation process of the Horizon HD Recorder are also available for online access from a web page. Using any smartphone or tablet (iOS on iPhone or iPad, Android phones and tablets) you can view these instructions at any time and from anywhere. Readily available instructional videos ensure both, a flawless installation process and a perfect customer experience.