KPN Wireless Network Assistant – Wi-Fi-channel optimization and wireless network management

Setting up secure Wi-Fi, configuring the KPN Experia Box and finding the optimal wireless channel has never been easier for customers of the largest Dutch ISP KPN. The new self-care Internet software application KPN Wireless Network Assistant (KPN Draadloos Netwerk Assistent) is easy to use and based on’s sophisticated and market proven module m2wlan . The KPN Wireless Network Assistant configures the customer PC and the modem for secure wireless access and finds the best channel for optimal Wi-Fi speed.

The new self-care software is available as a standalone tool as well as in combination with the successful diagnosis and repair software KPN Assistant (based on » m2selfrepair ).

The KPN Wireless Network Assistant shows once more that KPN is dedicated to providing its customers with state of the art self-care solutions to deliver a great customer experience.

A new feature: Finding the optimal wireless network channel

The KPN Wireless Network Assistant detects all wireless networks (access points), finds the best channel and changes the modem settings to use the optimal channel. The self-care software calculates the optimal channel based on signal strength and channel setting of all networks in vicinity.

KPN Wireless Network Assistant

An often overlooked reason for problems with wireless connectivity and, therefore, Internet connectivity are interferences. Overlapping radio frequency channels degrade performance of wireless networks. There are only 13 (Europe) channels available. When multiple wireless networks broadcast on the same or neighbouring channels, bandwidth and reliability are degraded. More and more consumers rely on wireless networks in their homes; therefore, the selection of the optimal wireless channel becomes more important every day.

The KPN Wireless Network Assistant reduces the number of long and complicated calls to customer support. Calls related to wireless networks are difficult to diagnose, as they frequently start out very unspecific (“My Internet is slow”) and are often escalated to higher tiers of customer support.

Important features