Hutchison 3G Austria ("3") launches the new 3DataManager – connection management software by

Since April 2013, Hutchison 3G Austria –known under the brand 3 in Austria – relies on a solution by for their connection management software 3DataManager.

With the new 3DataManager, customers of 3 can surf comfortably in Austria’s best mobile network – on Mac OS X and Windows and with all modems supported in a single application. The 3DataManager is based on the market proven product m2connectionmanager. This product has been adapted to the needs of Hutchison 3G Austria both in design (GUI design, branding) and functionality. With more than 3 million customers (including recently acquired Orange) and a market share of 22%, 3 is a major mobile network operator in the Austrian market.

Hutchison’s new and fast connection management software is the best way to experience the award-winning 3MegaNetz with 94% HSPA+ network coverage.

3DataManager – advantages of this new connection management software

Custom made: Dynamic content, speed test, Google search, 3LikeHome, and much more

Due to new, extendable information areas (small/large) the 3DataManager is able to display instructions, advertisements, and brand messages. 3 can manage the content directly through an advertising server. This way, 3 can utilize the presence of the 3DataManager on the desktops of their customers perfectly.

In addition, various attractively designed links inform customers via the dynamic information bar about current entertainment offers and news and provide fast access to important information regarding the mobile Internet connection. A web based admin area for layout and design of the information bar is also available.

The 3DataManager allows 3customers to actively contribute to the constant improvement of the 3MegaNetz: anonymous speed tests at regular intervals collect important network information, which is then forwarded to 3. These speed tests are of course purely voluntary for 3customers and can easily be deactivated in the 3DataManager.

The 3DataManager also offers the possibility to start a Google search directly from its interface without the need to open a browser. The 3DataManager then opens the standard browser and displays the search results instantly.

Thanks to the support of the unique offering 3LikeHome 3customers can go online in 3networks all over the world – under the same terms as in their home network. The 3DataManager identifies and prefers 3networks worldwide and it allows customers to reduce roaming costs and enjoy the unique offerings and services of 3.

Fast connection management software with flexible GUI and many features

The GUI is available in different sizes (compact view, normal view, and extended view) and the customer can switch quickly and intuitively between those – as well as between languages (German and English). Furthermore, all important features can be started directly from the system tray in the task bar (Windows).

The connection management software 3DataManager stands out due to its speed and full support of state-of-the-art technologies. It supports the newest USB modems for mobile Internet as well as embedded devices – modems integrated into laptops. Simple handling and multiple additional functions and configuration options guarantee a great user experience.

An included statistics area enables full control of the used data volume. Data usage is broken down in detail (for flexibly configured time frames) for examination. The 3DataManager informs users when an individually defined data limit has been reached, thus preventing unpleasant surprises when the bill is due (“bill shock”). The roaming indicator is important as well, especially for 3customers close to a border, and appears when the 3DataManager connects to a foreign network.

The status report provides an overview of all technical data (modem data, operating system, network status, browser, etc.) and helps support staff to solve any problems that might arise – data may also be saved and sent on. Comprehensive configuration options (network selection, PIN request, profile management) and flexible sizes (minimal, compact view, normal view, and extended view) improve handling even further.

An integrated, fully-fledged text message feature enables users to receive, send, forward, and answer text messages – in combination with contact administration this is a great possibility to use the computer for the fast exchange of text messages.

Comprehensive help files in two languages with instructions, explanations and a glossary make it easy to use the many features the 3DataManager offers on a daily basis.

Additional features of the new 3DataManager

Do you want to get to know the 3DataManager even better? – as a customer of 3 you can give the 3DataManager a try anytime!

About m2connectionmanager

m2connectionmanager provides comfortable and fast connection management for mobile broadband subscribers – supporting all connection types (3G/4G, WLAN, LAN, etc.), all hardware, Windows®, Mac OS X and mobile data offloading.

Learn more about m2connectionmanager – the flexible market-tested solution behind 3DataManager.

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