Deutsche Telekom AG selected's diagnostics & self-care software m2selfrepair

Since 20.6.2013, the German multinational telco Deutsche Telekom offers its customers quick help with connectivity issues with the Hilfe Assistent (Help Assistant), an easy to use diagnostics and repair software for PC and Mac. The Hilfe Assistent is based on a » successful self-care solution by m2selfrepair .

The Hilfe Assistent is available for download on Deutsche Telekom’s web portal: » Hilfe Assistent .

About m2selfrepair

m2selfrepair is an effective and efficient support system for consumer PCs and apple computers. As a result consumers no longer need local support and m2selfrepair saves them the trouble of making calls to the hotline. m2selfrepair is a unique repair solution and, as the name suggests, capable of automatically repairing Internet-related errors in real time. The solution has been in operation in (among others) the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland for years and is now avaible to customers of Deutsche Telekom in Germany.