The popular bandwidth optimizer and connection analysis tool A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer in a new look

The A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer – based on m2optimizer developed by – helps A1 Telekom Austria’s fixed line Internet customers to get the most out of their fast broadband connection. Since May 2012, the software has been offered to A1’s fixed line Internet customers for free and enjoys great popularity – it is now available in a new version with numerous improvements.


Support on the way to optimal connectivity

Speed and stability of an Internet connection may influence customer satisfaction decisively. Users find it difficult to identify inadequate settings and out-dated hardware components (network interface card, router, etc.) in the customer’s home – and these are very common reasons for connectivity problems. This is exactly where the A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer comes into play: in a few simple steps it checks existing settings and then optimizes them automatically, as a result A1’s customers enjoy a connection that works great.

Customer satisfaction and trust in the provider increase. Both profit from this sustainable effect that furthers the quality of A1 services and reduces maintenance and call center costs.

New design – many improvements “under the hood”

The graphical user interface of the A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer has been redesigned in close cooperation with A1: navigation has become even more intuitive for users. A few clicks suffice to examine and optimize the Internet connection. Customers select which optimization measures –single or all of them combines – are performed. A single click on „Optimize now“ is all they need.

The spectrum of all configuration possibilities covers typical topics of system maintenance (critical system updates missing? programs communicate with the Internet in the background?), network settings (Is a proxy server or a VPN activated?), and even Wi-Fi optimization (Is the Wi-Fi channel overloaded? Which kind of encryption is in use?). The customer profits from the advantages of a professional configuration – the customer is self-reliant and there is no additional support cost for the provider.


Some features of the new A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer

  1. New, improved design in current A1 Look & Feel
  2. Integration of tooltips to explain technical terms
  3. Supports Windows 8 and Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP
  4. As well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8
  5. Support of all current A1 WLAN Box Models
  6. Set-up and configuration of a secure Wi-Fi network – automatic generation of Wi-Fi key included
  7. Automatic optimization of the Wi-Fi channel in case of overload
  8. Analysis of programs running in the background (in reference to capacity utilization)
  9. Check of network settings – typical bottlenecks such as VPN connections or proxy servers may be automatically deactivated

A1 and – a successful partnership servicing Internet users

Since 2000, A1 Telekom Austria – the Austrian market leader in the area of telecommunication and Internet – has been relying on’s software solutions. The deployment of our products pays off – expenses for call centers and other support services are reduced significantly, our software offers excellent support to the consumer – directly at the home desktop, 24/7. Our common experiences confirm again and again: a multitude of problems need related to the Internet connection need to be tackled directly at the customer’s device, and that is exactly where you benefit from’s products.