Finecom launches Quickline WLAN Optimizer – a modern Wi-Fi optimisation solution based on m2wlan

Swiss full-service provider Finecom Telecommunications AG uses the Quickline WLAN Optimizer – a customised version of m2wlan – to offer its customers an easy-to-use software to analyse and configure the optimal Wi-Fi channel, resulting in faster and even more stable Wi-Fi.

Finecom and their brand Quickline – Quadruple Play services for home customers in Switzerland

Together with the Quickline network (consisting of about 20 Swiss cable network companies), Finecom Telecommunications AG, under their brand Quickline, supply about four hundred thousand households with their Quadruple Play offer (Internet, telephony, mobile telephony, radio/TV). In the future, the help of the Quickline WLAN Optimizer will make it easy for customers to configure their home Wi-Fi network ideally, profiting from all advantages of state-of-the-art broadband Internet access.

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The road to optimal home Wi-Fi – why frequency band and channel become more and more important

Users are still barely aware that the chosen channel significantly influences the quality of the home Wi-Fi. In the widely used 2,4-GHz frequency band especially, the number of existing Wi-Fi networks is consistently on the rise. This is no surprise, since nowadays every modern smartphone or tablet offers the possibility to create an ad-hoc access point. Nowadays, dozens of Wi-Fi networks crowd the same environment in urban areas – many among them transmitting on the same channel. The result? An unstable connection, massive speed loss and severely reduced signal strength.



Analysis and optimisation of the Wi-Fi infrastructure easily done with Quickline WLAN Optimizer

Even if users are aware of the problem that necessitates an adequately configured Wi-Fi infrastructure, the correct configuration can be an insurmountable obstacle for users. The optimisation process demands technical know-how, time, and patience. This is where the Quickline WLAN Optimizer comes into play and offers support: an interface designed for maximum user-friendliness guides the customer through the process and offers, if desired, detailed information on every step (e.g., by providing a clearly arranged graphical display of the current Wi-Fi environment). This results in an optimally configured Wi-Fi – both in the 2,4 GHz and in the 5 GHz frequency band – a well-informed consumer, and increased trust in the service provider. Customer service is extended all the way to the consumer’s home computer, hotline calls and subsequently support costs are reduced significantly.

Technical details and features:

  1. Quickline Look & Feel – customised branding styled in line with the Quickline brand identity
  2. Authentication process completely integrated into existing interfaces – Quickline customers can use their login
  3. Automatic configuration of Wi-Fi routers – one customers log in using their Quickline account, the configuration is executed via an online remote interface without any further customer input required
  4. Configuration via LAN or Wi-Fi – following a configuration via LAN, a Wi-Fi connection is automatically established (if desired)
  5. Dual-band support: Wi-Fi infrastructure is analysed on 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz frequency band
  6. Optimal channels for both frequency bands can be configured together or independently
  7. Detailed graphical display of Wi-Fi environment, including a detailed channel load overview