Swisscom launches My Swisscom Assistant, making m2suite available to consumers for the first time

Swisscom - the leading ISP in Switzerland and a long-time partner of – recently launched My Swisscom Assistant, introducing a new level of service to Swisscom customers. My Swisscom Assistant combines several self-service functionalities (e.g. setup, repair and configuration of Internet access, wireless networks and email accounts) into a modern looking, easy-to-use software package. It’s all based on our premium self-care solution m2suite.

» My Swisscom Assistant on the Swisscom customer care portal

About m2suite

m2suite combines our market proven self-service solutions into a great-looking software that works as a central point of access for consumers. Thanks to its flexible, tile-based design, m2suite can be adjusted to perfectly meet the specific requirements of an ISP and their customer base. The service areas covered include anything from typical customer service issues (improperly configured email clients) to complex challenges like Wi-Fi broadcast channel optimization. Swisscom offers a new level of all-around service to their customers, relying on our concept with m2suite.

» m2suite, a stylish single point of access to all Internet-related services