Telefónica Germany launches DSL Soforthilfe – m2selfrepair for o2 customers

Since November 2013, Telefónica Germany – known in Germany with their brand o2 –offers their customers a software solution for the independent repair of Internet-access related problems. Based on m2selfrepair, has adapted the DSL Soforthilfe to the specific requirements of o2 and given it its individual look & Feel.

With the DSL Soforthilfe, o2 offers its customers a free tool that provides real support exactly where it counts: on the consumer home computer.

m2selfrepair’s proven concept – self-care software that offers real support

m2selfrepair meets a challenge ISPs all over the world have to face: How is it possible to guarantee that customers remain online after the initial Internet access setup? Changing configurations, the influence of 3rd party software, etc. – many factors can lead to a disrupted connection. For the most part, these factors are outside of the providers’ direct control – still, customers tend to hold them responsible for these problems. This results in countless calls to the support hotline, and the hotline’s resolution of these problems is very costly and time-consuming.

m2selfrepair enables the diagnosis and repair of many typical errors directly on the consumer’s home computer. m2selfrepair runs in the background and appears only when an error has been detected and repairs it automatically or offers step-by-step instructions for manual repair. This way, errors are resolved before a call is made, reducing costs for hotline and on-site support significantly.

Using a self-care solution pays off: raised efficiency of support hotline calls (less calls, better prepared customers), increased trust in the provider and its products, and improved customer satisfaction. Many leading Internet Service Providers profit from m2selfrepair –o2 does so now as well in Germany with the DSL Soforthilfe.



DSL Soforthilfe’s most important features:

  1. R.I.S. (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair): analysis and repair in real-time – DSL Soforthilfe runs in the background and offers support if errors occur
  2. D.O.D. (Diagnosis on Demand): the system can always be checked for many error types – in case of an error, the DSL Soforthilfe offers automatic or manual repair options
  3. Extra feature: integrated assistant for simple Wi-Fi setup and Wi-Fi broadcast channel optimisation
  4. Customised design of the user interface with o2 look & feel
  5. Detailed router cabling instructions adapted to the products of o2 support the initial Internet setup routine
  6. Automatic repair of a multitude of errors regarding Internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, and router configuration
  7. Easily understandable step-by-step instructions guide through the manual repair of complex technical problems (e.g. Wi-Fi configuration) – a comprehensive help offers additional support
  8. Extensive analysis options: error diagnosis and status reports offer detailed information on occurring problems
  9. Full support of Windows 8®, 7®, Vista® (32-Bit and 64-Bit variants) and Windows XP® (32-Bit)

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Our experience shows: m2selfrepair delivers great results – better service and increased customer satisfaction

The use of a self-care software significantly contributes to the improvement of the level of service offered to customers – our long-term leading presence in the area of self-care solutions has proven it again and again. Customers who successfully solve problems with the help of m2selfrepair gain confidence in their Internet provider. They lose their fear of the sometimes confusing technology „Internet“ and feel satisfied with their connection. Specific error descriptions replace desperate complaints such as „My Internet does not work any more!“ and help to build a firm and sustainable foundation of trust between provider and customer.

Telefónica Germany

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and their brand o2 belong to Telefónica Europe and are part of the Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A. The corporation offers its German private and business customers post-paid and prepaid mobile communications products and innovative mobile data services based on GPRS and UMTS technologies. The integrated communication provider additionally offers DSL fixed line telephony and high-speed Internet.

By the end of June 2013, Telefónica Germany’s complete access base has risen to 25,3 million.

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