My Swisscom Assistant now available – based on m2suite, the next generation self-service solution by

Swisscom, the leading ISP in Switzerland, has been growing and expanding the self-service software portfolio for their customers in cooperation with With the introduction of My Swisscom Assistant, Swisscom customers receive a unique software, which combines all existing solutions into a modern user interface and offers a host of new, additional features.

From automatic repair to Wi-Fi channel optimisation – a single software for all situations

Customer requirements directed at a modern ISP keep rising: Internet access has to „just work“, feature intuitive handling and run equally effectively on all systems. The majority of typical problems on the user’s end starts with erroneous settings or defective hardware and thus requires a solution that covers as many support scenarios as possible without compromising usability– all features are accessible with few, simple clicks. With My Swisscom Assistant, users can perform the following tasks (among others) in a simple and intuitive way without any required technical knowledge:

  1. Automatically repair erroneous settings
  2. Determine and set the ideal Wi-Fi channel for the home network
  3. Configure their Swisscom email addresses in email clients
  4. Set up a Wi-Fi network and adjust security settings
  5. Carry out a system diagnosis if desired (thanks to the market-proven feature Diagnosis on Demand)
  6. Create a comprehensive status report including all relevant system information
  7. and all that on Mac OS X and Windows systems


An appealing design creates a software for everyday use

My Swisscom Assistant has been designed as the central access point for Swisscom home customers. The answers to many common customer questions can be accessed directly from the user interface (How do I get to the Swisscom Customer Center? Is it possible that the Internet connection is disrupted? How can I start a remote support session?). With its comprehensive search functionality, integrated instructions and direct links to the Swisscom customer support portal, My Swisscom Assistant becomes a knowledge base for home users, which they can consult whenever Internet access related questions arise. Through the use of a notification system, users are alerted if an error occurs and are consequently kept online through an automated repair system (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair).

The concept behind m2suite: one software – all solutions

With m2suite, offers an innovative self-service concept, which is designed for a new generation of users and is fit to meet the requirements of an emerging, dynamic market – all brought together in a modern piece of software. All features of our market-proven products such as m2selfrepair, m2webalizer or m2wlan can be accessed from a single user interface. An appealing, intuitive design ensures that even inexperienced users immediately find their way and enjoy their Internet access without any initial hurdles. From the beginning, m2suite has been developed with a strong focus on usability and flexibility. The displayed contents are fully dynamic and modular – individual components can be combined variably as required. The implementation of dynamic content creates new ways of distribution for providers (such as up- & cross-selling) – for example, customers can be pointed to suitable offers or book additional packages directly from within the user interface. These options offer great potential to ISPs, and with m2suite, offers a solution, which truly meets this potential.

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