Customer Experience boosted by Digital Service Solutions – presenting novel concepts at the Customer Experience Management in Telecom Summit in Berlin

We have always been known as a company focusing heavily on customer experience in addition to cost reduction for support. As CX and UX have become more central to telcos, especially in markets like Europe and North America, we have redesigned our product portfolio to give subscribers even more easy to use options and telcos more data related to customer experience than ever before. We can’t wait to present our solutions and exchange ideas with industry leaders at the 6th Annual Customer Experience Management in Telecom Summit in Berlin.

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The approach: Reinventing the digital support channel to improve Customer Experience


Our experience and statistics show: ISPs who use our products reduce support costs and extend customer life cycles

Solutions like our flagship product m2suite are designed to cater to all demographics and user levels by delivering a self-service and support software that engages customers positively during the service and support stages of the customer lifecycle. Automation of complex customer service processes guarantees a positive brand experience from the first interaction on. Customers are able to learn about their products and services at their own pace and develop a sense of trust and confidence, as they experience their provider as a reliable source of information for all service matters.

Through years of research and experience working with international telcos, we have gathered massive amounts of usage data and feedback which helps us get a perspective on how our software is being used and which features are particularly important to the customer. We have tweaked and improved our software to meet current customer requirements and keep up with modern interface design principles. Our data helps ISPs and their customers alike: ISPs gain valuable insight about customer needs and service bottlenecks, while customers benefit from an improved product, which is tailored to fit their habits and desires.

Our customer-centric product portfolio incorporates the digital shift in Customer Experience, forging a strong and lasting relationship of trust between ISP and customer, which helps to enrich the quality of service experience throughout an extended customer life cycle.

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