’s products create revenue with great marketing opportunities

Online advertising has become a very valuable source of revenue for ISPs – through VAS and the sale of ad space.’s products are the perfect platform to use modern marketing strategies and technologies to their full potential.

State-of-the-art display marketing

The high end self-care solution m2suite employs a graphical user interface (GUI) perfectly suited to promote VAS and additional services like digital TV for successful cross- and upselling. Ads and links to the ISP’s web portal or shops can be placed in specifically designed marketing widgets and banners. Embedded options for one-stop shopping and easy log-in into the ISP’s portal or online shop make it so much easier for the consumer to, e.g., buy additional data packages, change data plans, or upgrade to additional services such as triple play.


The ad space (e.g. banners) can of course be sold to 3rd parties. The wide reach of m2suite ensures that the ISP can offer high, appealing click rates to any interested customer – whether measured in CPM (cost per 1000 times the ad is shown) or CPC (cost per click), m2suite has already proven its worth as a source of revenue.

Wide reach, customized advertising

Consumers use the suite to manage all aspects of their Internet access. A perfectly working self-care solution, m2suite is always in use since it improves the customers’ experience. This makes the suite the perfect place to reach customers.

Detailed analytics of, e.g., the users’ demographics, make it possible to target specific groups of end customers to ensure high efficiency of marketing campaigns. The suite can use already existing ISP marketing material via ad servers. also provides a CMS to manage marketing campaigns and generate content, ranging from simple promotion links to full banners and embedded videos, etc.

The suite’s flexible GUI ensures full customizability to the ISP’s branding and Look & Feel. Leading ISPs such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom or KPN already trust in’s market proven and successful m2suite to support marketing campaigns and increase their revenue.

Increase ARPU with m2suite

With m2suite, ISPs promote their products and their brand while they profit from the increase in sales and additional income through the sale of ad space. The suite combines easily obtained, detailed knowledge of the customer base with the possibility to act with speed, flexibility, and focus – making it the perfect tool for marketing campaigns.

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