Swisscom and – Successful Partnership Improves Service and Reduces Costs

The Swiss market leader Swisscom expands its range of self-service software and offers its customers the My Swisscom Assistant, a comprehensive solution for all matters of Internet access. The My Swisscom Assistant is the next step in Swisscom’s long-term cooperation with, the Vienna-based specialists for self-service software. It is now made available in an expanded and improved version.

Self-service Software for Improved Customer Experience

Support enquiries are time-consuming for both customers and providers: support calls usually take a couple of minutes. Imprecisely described problems (“My Internet doesn’t work anymore!“) are difficult to solve. The use of self-service software offers an alternative: a software solution running directly on the consumer’s computer helps to reduce complex processes – that might have lead to a lengthy phone conversation – to a few mouse clicks.

With this self-care tool, Swisscom helps its customers to solve simple problems and configurations independently. This way Customer Experience is further optimised.

Swisscom and its Customers Profit

Since the introduction of the My Swisscom Assistant at the end of 2013, the tool has proven to be very popular. Customers react positively, and the number of support calls has been reduced. „We know from our partners at Swisscom that the My Swisscom Assistant is effective – it helps the customers and saves support costs. Still, together with Swisscom we continue to improve our understanding of the customers‘ needs and strive to advance our product accordingly.“ says Markus Pöhl, Managing Director of

Simple, easy-to-understand steps guide the user through set-up and configuration processes – and along the way, the user gets to understand the principles behind the functions. It is not enough to just solve the problem – the user wants to understand the reasons behind both the problem and its solution. This aspect is continuously emphasized and improved in cooperation with ISPs all over the world. In the case of the My Swisscom Assistant, this cooperation has led to the integration of numerous features such as interactive instructions, system analyses combined with explications, or the direct embedding of the support community where Swisscom customers help each other. The users increasingly understand the workings behind their Internet access, how problems arise, and how to solve them.

Since July, the My Swisscom Assistant is available on Swisscom’s homepage – in a new version and for free.

About Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider with its headquarters in Ittigen, close to the capital city, Berne. With over 20,000 employees it generated turnover of CHF 2.82 billion in the first quarter of 2014. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.

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