A1 offers help to speed up wireless home networks, with the A1 WLAN Optimizer

The A1 WLAN Optimizer (“A1 WLAN Optimierer”) is an easy-to-use software, which determines the best possible Wi-Fi broadcast channel and automatically configures the setting on the customer’s CPE (A1 WLAN Box) accordingly, granting optimal speed while surfing the web. The tool is a customized implementation of the market proven product m2wlan, tailored to fit the needs of A1 customers.

With the A1 WLAN Optimizer, customers of Austrian incumbent A1 receive a handy tool which allows them to fix issues relating to crowded Wi-Fi broadcast channels comfortably on their own.

Broadcast channels as a bottleneck

The 2.4-Ghz frequency band, which is used predominantly for wireless networks, is limited to 13 broadcast channels in Europe. Because the number of consumers using Internet services through Wi Fi on devices like laptops and tablets is constantly growing, the load on broadcast channels is increasing as well. Since more than one channel is being used at a time for a connection, adjacent channels are also subject to overuse. As the number of wireless networks in an area (e.g. an apartment building) rises, the problem intensifies. If home network setups rely entirely on Wi-Fi, which is quite often the case, it follows that many support requests relate to issues regarding Wi-Fi. The available bandwidth decreases, consistent and stable data transfers can no longer be guaranteed, leading to a decrease in customer satisfaction and complaints like “my Internet does not work!” A proper configuration of the broadcast channel can effectively make such issues a thing of the past.

WLAN Optimizer

A1 WLAN Optimizer – functionality and special features

If a customer opts to use the tool, the ideal channel is being determined through a reliable, automated process, following an automatic analysis of surrounding Wi-Fi networks. By accessing the customer’s modem directly, the broadcast channel can be changed automatically, clearing the way for a better Wi-Fi experience.

Thanks to the simple, intuitive user interface, users can easily view analysis results and understand which channel is ideal for their surroundings (see screenshot). The optimization of the CPE (A1 WLAN Box) happens automatically through common interfaces in a LAN-side configuration. The expert view is color-coded and provides additional information (see screenshot).

The A1 WLAN Optimizer is being rolled out as part of the software package A1 Servicecenter and can easily be accessed from there. A1 Servicecenter is the central point of access to all A1 Customer Experience solutions by mquadr.at


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