Quickline enhances Customer Experience with the self-care E-mail tool

Following the launch of the Wi-Fi Optimizer, Quickline and mquadr.at are continuing their successful cooperation. With the recent launch of the new E-mail Assistant tool, Quickline sets a remarkable next step to facilitate email related issues for their customers and improve customer experience.

E-mail self-care & self-repair by mquadr.at

For the setup of ISP e-mail accounts in local e-mail clients the application provides a simple form that requests the most necessary e-mail access data (User-ID, Password) from the user and also shows the available e-mail-clients to select. All further settings, such as incoming and outgoing mail server, security standards, etc. are set automatically.

Typical administrative tasks regarding the e-mail provider (e.g. adding accounts and aliases, changing security settings and password) can easily be carried out by users. The integrated self-repair tool supports them with detecting and resolving existing problems such as wrong server or connection settings automatically.

With this efficient tool, Quickline provides constant customer support for e-mail topics, thus strengthening their image as a service oriented ISP. Simultaneously, it aids in significantly increasing customer experience and reducing support efforts.


Excellent Customer Experience by mquadr.at

The demand for simple and self-explanatory applications is increasing in the growing market of digital devices and services. Therefore, in order to enhance trust, loyalty and satisfaction of the customer, the ISP must offer excellent customer experience.

The self-care e-mail tool by mquadr.at offers an efficient and sterling solution to meet both the expectations of the ISP and their customers:

About Quickline

The Quickline Group is one of the biggest full service IT and Telecommunication Agency in Switzerland that provides multimedia services to private and business customers as well as 21 cable network operators and electrical power suppliers. Due to a strong focus on usability, customer service, reliability and innovation they reach over 400.000 households with their products for internet, telephony, digital tv and radio access throughout Switzerland.

The Quickline E-Mail Assistant is available for free on the Quickline Homepage:

About mquadr.at

mquadr.at – operating out of Vienna – is the leading European software provider for “digital self-care” & “customer experience” solutions for the telecommunications industry. Its main areas of expertise cover the automation of customer support processes (service automation), the improvement of customer experience via self-service solutions, and consulting in the introduction of e-care measures. Swisscom, KPN, Deutsche Telekom and A1 Telekom Austria are among mquadr.at’s customers. Find additional information on products and services provided by mquadr.at on www.mquadr.at