m2suite Feature Spotlight – Marketing & Service Notifications

Due to the regular use of optimizing the home network performance, the m2suite also works well as an information and advertising medium for the ISP. The new feature “Marketing & Service Notifications” offers another factor in enhancing customer service and increasing customer loyalty.

Service Notifications and Targeted Advertising

With the help of a Campaign Management System, dynamic content can be embedded directly on the user interface (GUI) of the suite, and can thus be communicated to the end user. The content can be timed and adjusted geographically as well as customised to fit a defined customer segment. It can be used in two different ways:

Service Notification

Optimal accessibility and independent maintenance

An additional and external marketing notification, appearing as an individual window on the desktop, is also able to reach the customers even when the suite is currently not active or hasn’t been used over a longer period of time. From the displayed content, a link leads directly to the web portal of the ISP where the customer can find additional information as well as order products or make an upgrade.

The content of the marketing notifications can be designed by the ISP, thus guaranteeing greatest possible flexibility, short response times and up-to-date content.

In the very near future, the marketing notifications of the m2suite will be in use by the first customer projects.

For further information visit the mquadr.at website or contact our sales team at m2sales@mquadr.at .