’s products ready for Windows 10

The release of Windows 10 is eagerly awaited for July, 29th. Without a doubt,’s products are now ready for use in the new operating system.

Windows 10

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 unifies the advantages of Windows 7 and 8 and will be applicable on all devices – from PCs to smartphones. This way Microsoft strives to catch up, especially in the mobile market. Furthermore, the new release is being promoted with extended individualisation features and numerous pre-installed Microsoft Apps.

m2solutions compatible for Windows 10 already in use’s customers can await the launch of Windows 10 in a relaxed way. Our team of developers has already prepared all our products – especially the m2suite and the Wi-Fi Optimizer – for the new requirements. The most recently launched versions of our software are already compatible with Windows 10. This means that after the conversion to the new operating system, the software solutions will be working without any necessary further updates.

We are looking forward to seeing our products live in Windows 10 very soon.