A1 Telekom Austria is launching new Servicecenter as m2suite

With the current project “A1 Servicecenter” A1 Telekom Austria and mquadr.at are continuing their successful long-term cooperation and are setting new benchmarks in self-care customer services.

For the relaunch of the Servicecenter, A1 has opted for mquadr.at’s all-in-one self-care solution – the m2suite. All mquadr.at self-care tools that A1 is offering (Wi-Fi Optimizer, Modem Configurator, Bandwidth Optimizer, etc.) and further services have been unified in the suite. This way, the new A1 Servicecenter becomes the central contact point for all support requests concerning the A1 internet services.

How does the new A1 Servicecenter work?


The available support tools for Wi-Fi, E-Mail and Internet are sorted by topic and can be found on clearly arranged desktops. From the first setup of Internet and Wi-Fi to the administration of E-Mail and the optimisation of internet speed, customers can easily improve the performance of their home network on their own. Automated configuration and self-repair processes help to avoid, i.e. solve the most common errors (e.g. wrong server settings or overloaded Wi-Fi channels). Additionally, manual instructions are available for download.

The new A1 Servicecenter also stands out with

Optimal connection of support offers

Integrated help contents and direct links to the A1.net customer portal provide a seamless interlocking of support services and a unique customer experience. A1 customers encounter an efficient solution of their support requests, which positively influences their product satisfaction and loyalty.

Direct modem administration

A special asset of the new A1 Servicecenter is the integrated modem administration. The supported A1 Wi-Fi Boxes can directly be accessed and configured over the Servicecenter’s elegant user interface. Easily applicable features support the user with essential self-care measures for Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi optimisation.

Furthermore, the live status of the modem connection is displayed in the A1 Servicecenter. Thus, occurring errors can be diagnosed quickly and repaired automatically.

Targeted Advertising with Marketing Notifications

Alongside these reliable and widespread features of the m2suite, the new marketing notifications are available for the first time in the A1 Servicecenter to support regular customer contact and further improve customer services’ quality.

With the help of a campaign management system provided by A1, dynamic content is integrated in the A1 Servicecenter interface and aligned exactly to specific customer segments. This offers A1 a self-maintainable infrastructure for targeted advertising and directed up- and cross-selling campaigns.

With the new m2suite, once again A1 commits to trend-setting self-care services to establish additional contact points for effective customer support and to enhance customer satisfaction.

The new A1 Servicecenter can be downloaded for Windows and Mac on the A1 customer portal A1.net .

For further information please visit the product pages on the mquadr.at website or contact our sales team: m2sales@mquadr.at