Quick and easy Broadband access – mquadr.at improves First Time Setup

Self-care tools perfectly support necessary setup processes for newly purchased broadband products, bringing customers online fast and easily.

As the demand of smart solutions increases constantly, many ISPs have spotted effortless product onboarding as an opportunity to positively strengthen their image as an Internet service provider. For this reason, mquadr.at is currently preparing an extensive relaunch and expansion of the m2suite First Time Setup module. This new product will be available with the start of the new year 2016 and will already have been realised as a first customer project.

First Time Setup 2016 – targeted support for initial implementation

The new First Time Setup includes all components necessary for initial Internet access, merged on a very own desktop. Following an automatic analysis, the customer is guided through all essential stages of the setup process. With the simple and clear instructions (less text, more graphics), customers can quickly setup their home network. According to individual needs and priorities, the different topics can be treated right away or at a later date. The First Time Setup desktop offers a clear view of the current status of each area, which can be resumed at any time.

First time setup

Automation, guided support and customer education as key to success

In line with all other self-care solutions by mquadr.at, the new First Time Setup combines automation, guided support and customer education in order to deliver targeted support to customers.

Numerous analyses and settings are being implemented automatically in the background. That way, many sources of error can be avoided right from the start or reduced to a minimum.

For all further processes, simple and well illustrated instructions, videos and PDF manuals are provided which help users at any level of knowledge. Instead of finding cryptic error messages, the customer receives clear instructions, leading him directly to the desired outcome.

First time setup

In addition, information and tips on Internet related topics are included in the instruction process and offer valuable background knowledge that will strengthen the Internet competence of the customer in the long run.

Components of the new First Time Setup

Subsequently, the customer will find help for the setup process of the chosen service in this area.

Further components of the First Time Setup 2016 include safety and browser settings, speed tests and additional collections of manuals and instructions.

First Time Setup Tec Specs

The First Time Setup is available as part of the m2suite and as a stand-alone tool, via download, CD and as a walled-garden version on the modem. Just as the m2suite, it is accessible for Windows and Mac.

Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone are currently under development and will feed into the popular trend of Internet use on mobile devices.

The First Time Setup perfectly qualifies as an initial touch point with self-care for customers. After a first positive experience it is more likely that they will fall back to the extended m2suite self-care tools for future support needs. Thus, self-care is established within the realm of customer support from the beginning of the customer life-cycle.

For more detailed information and questions related to the new First Time Setup, please contact our sales team at m2sales@mquadr.at .