Internet Self-Care on all platforms – m2suite for tablets and mobiles

m2suite, the leading self-care software around broadband internet by, is now also available as an app for smartphones and tablets.

The Self-Care App offers yet another service channel that is available twenty-four-seven. It helps telecommunication companies and mobile network operators to shift their customer support from hotline support to digital self-care and thereby reduces costs. In addition, participating in pioneering technology raises the company’s image as a high-quality and customer-oriented service provider.

With this expansion of the m2suite portfolio, provides an attractive overall solution, through which ISPs and MNOs reach their customers on all devices and can optimally support their respective needs.


The best of both digital worlds in one software solution

Desktop PCs stay – except for Social Media – the mainly used devices in the professional as well as private context. The daily utilisation time is particularly high here. Therefore, performance and stability are the key to customer satisfaction. The m2suite desktop solution offers intuitive automatic support and quick, independent troubleshooting for these challenges.

Given that desktop PCs also have a higher average service life than mobile devices (3-5 years compared to 1-2 years), they provide a long-term point of contact for proactive technical support and further service offers.

Mobile devices, however, are in our time a constant companion in everyday life that help in many situations. With the Self-Care App, internet issues can be conveniently handled and solved on the go. Additionally it provides relevant support in the setup and maintenance of the home network e.g. as a portable second screen for support tools and manuals or as a backup, which is connected via 3G / 4G and helps to re-establish the connection, when the home internet encounters problems.

m2suite at a glance

Desktop Self-Care

Mobile Self-Care

comprehensive automated error repair

automated Wi-Fi optimisation

Self-Care around the setup, maintenance and optimization of the home network

especially for mobile topics as Wi-Fi, network security and modem management

longer usage of the devices

Self-Care on the go

particularly good reachability of business clients

service channel for the growing number of mobile internet users

larger screen for marketing and advertising

ad banner for up- and cross-selling

Compatibility with all common systems and technologies

A major strength of the m2suite software solutions is their excellent compatibility with a wide range of technologies, operating systems, hardware components and connection types. Thus, it offers a flexible and easily expandable self-care concept which optimally supports the service portfolio of ISPs and MNOs – growing with new requirements through constant development.

Wi-Fi Optimizer

Supported systems and technologies





Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
OSX 10.9, 10.10, 10

Android 4.0.3 and higher
iOS 7, 8, 9

Supported broadband technologies

DSL, Cable, LAN, Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5 GHz), WWAN (LTE, GSM, UMTS, WiMax)

supported hardware

CPEs, PowerLAN, Wi-Fi Repeater, smarthome devices of various suppliers

CPE API & protocols

TR-064, TR-069, SSH, Telnet, REST, OpenRG, HTTPS

General API & protocols


For further information please contact our sales team via or take a look at the product pages on our website .

About – based in Vienna – is the leading European Tech Company for digital self-care and customer experience in the telecommunications industry. Its main expertise lies in the automation of customer processes and in consulting on the implementation of e-care measures. The core product m2suite offers a high quality overall solution for the individual requirements of ISPs and MNOs on all screens and systems.