New customer: m2suite for Dutch

We welcome as our new m2suite customer. We are pleased this Dutch multiplay service provider acknowledges the advantages and quality of our self-care products. offers a wide range of Internet, Television and VoIP services to over 500,000 users. Previously operating under the names Euronet and Wanadoo, the company has become a considerable player in the Netherlands in the past 20 years. is a brand of M7 Group, one of Europe’s fastest growing pay-TV providers, serving over 3 million customers.

In the months ahead, the m2suite desktop version for Windows and Mac will be implemented as the first step. This will cover all important Internet topics with targeted self-care support as well as contribute to an excellent customer experience with proactive automated error diagnosis and repair. Furthermore, a comprehensive module for initial Internet setup will be part of the suite and will provide new customers with quick and easy product on-boarding and an excellent first impression.

About m2suite

m2suite is the market proven self-care software for the Internet and telecommunications industry. It offers an attractive, widespread solution for all systems, easily adaptable and expandable at any time to meet the needs of the ISPs and MNOs. Thus, it provides a sustainable framework for flexible adaptations concerning future challenges and trends in the digital self-care support.

For more information about the m2suite and further self-care products by visit our website’s product pages .