New for My Swisscom Assistant: separate service desktop and Mac Care

For many years, Swisscom has successfully applied self-care tools by to support their customer care. The latest release of the My Swisscom Assistant comes with a separate service desktop to provide more space for the wide range of customer services and make them easily accessible with only one click. Another essential improvement is the new Mac Care. Already successfully in use for Windows, the automated system care is now available for Mac devices as well.

The advantages of automated system care

Automated system care is an easy to use tool, which helps users to keep their computer system up-to-date, secure and highly efficient.

The analysis and optimisation of the single system components is for the most part done automatically. The user is guided through an easily understandable step-by-step process, thus completing the recommended updates independently and without any previous technical knowledge.

The new Mac Care supports the following actions:

My Swisscom Assistant

Intuitive help in the My Swisscom Assistant

To simplify the access to the comprehensive help topics of the My Swisscom Assistant, a separate service desktop was implemented. It offers tips, expert videos as well as links directly to the support community and the help section on the customer portal of Swisscom. This way the desktop serves as a central contact point for information on all relevant topics.

My Swisscom Assistant

Furthermore, the other desktops of the My Swisscom Assistant are closely connected to thematically relevant help topics via a direct link. This way, useful tools such as PC/Mac Care and the Service Quick Check, cabling animations and instructions for further devices are clearly visible and easily accessible.

My Swisscom Assistant

Additionally, the self-care widget now provides the opportunity to retrieve tools and instructions via a direct link. Thereby the user can catch up on relevant topics related to LAN and Wi-Fi, e-mail and device instructions at all times, as well as independently optimise the computer system and Internet connection.

The latest release of the My Swisscom Assistant is as of now available for download on Swisscom’s web portal:

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